USA Sports Scholarship Academic Requirements

A sports scholarship requires more than just outstanding athletic ability, you must also be eligible academically. Academic results can significantly impact on the scholarship offers a student - athlete receives.  


BTEC's are ever growing in popularity as a strong alliterative to A-Levels in the UK and are certainly taken into consideration when prospecting for US Universities, you can even receive credit hours that contribute to your bachelors degree in advance of your arrival. This can really take the pressure off your schedule as a busy student - athlete. 

Although BTEC's are considered, many of the top tier universities will not consider BTEC qualifications. Additionally, as golf isn't a revenue generating sport for US universities, academics do become a differentiator regarding scholarship offers and strong  A-Level results will typically be favoured at the top-tier universities. 

Paired with strong GCSE results you can still expect many great scholarship opportunities with BTEC's,  just perhaps not at the elite NCAA D1 level. 


Entry requirements will vary across the US but as a minimum you will likely need 5 GCSEs A* - C to include English and Maths. You will need to be studying post-16 qualifications (ie A-Levels). For more competitive universities, you will need to be studying at least 3 A-Levels. For less competitive universities, vocational qualifications, such as BTEC National Extended Diplomas may be considered.

For British student - athletes, A - Levels do tend to be preferred but you still must perform well if you hope to get scholarship offers to a top-tier university. A - C's are typically acceptable to the vast majority of US universities and paired with; regional, county or national athletic recognitions, you're in great shape to receive strong scholarship offers.


US Universities and Community Colleges use standardised tests to determine your academic readiness for higher education. Test scores and results may also be used to assess you for certain financial aid and scholarships.

Unlike the UK, where students take post-16 qualifications which are graded against a mark scheme, in the US, students who take the High School Diploma are graded against their classmates.

The most common admissions tests are:

For competitive universities you may need to take the extended versions of these tests: the SAT Reasoning Test and 2-3 SAT Subject Tests, or the ACT with writing. You can take these tests at centres across the UK.

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